The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) celebrates it’s one year anniversary these days. It seems much longer, but it is the exciting quantity and quality of work of the EMF that gives that impression. EMF stands for a new, circular, economy based on the principles of Cradle to Cradle. So it is one of the potential founders of the new economy and that makes is more exciting then the IMF that stands for the ‘old school economy’.
This week Ellen MacArthur will be in the Netherlands for the opening of the new building of the National Institute of Ecologic Research (NIOO). It’s build as much as possible in a Cradle to Cradle way and we look forward to the opening and first visit to this beautifull new building.
We will have a meeting with Ellen MacArthur and Ken Webster on the perspectives of TurnToo, the meaningfull way of working in a circular economy. Also we will discuss the project that OPAi runs on behalf of Agentschap NL, ‘learning by nature’.

One of the public activities of the EMF is the Evening with Alex Steffen and Ellen MacArthur, Royal Geographical Society, London. October 20th, 7-10pm

“Alex Steffen, a designing optimist, lays out the blueprint for a successful century.”
-The New York Times

Alex Steffen, leading futurist and editor of the World Changing bestseller, will be giving an evening lecture at the Royal Geographical Society on October 20th. His talk will focus on innovative business practices and positive 21st century perspectives and there will be a follow up Q&A session with Ellen.

More detail about this lecture and Alex’s work at
the EMF-website