Energy-neutral monument Driebergen

Perhaps the first energy-neutral monument in the Netherlands (all photographs © CornbreadWorks).

Zecc Architecten and the Oneplanetarchitecture institute (OPAi) of Thomas Rau not only renovated a monumental villa in Driebergen but also turned it into the first energy-neutral monument in the Netherlands. Zecc has now won the North-West/Central regional prize for the BNA Building of the Year. Architectural studio RAU was commissioned by OPAi to develop the energy concept for this energy-neutral monument.

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Energy-generating revolving door

The world's first energy-revolving door, developed by Thomas Rau and OPAi in co-operation with Boon Edam

As part of the concept to turn an existing restaurant into an energy neutral one, OPAi, RAU and Boon Edam have developed the world’s first energy producing revolving door. When you enter the La Porte restaurant at Driebergen railway station (NL), you produce energy yourself.

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