Thomas Rau, founder and director of RAU architects

“Attitude determines the consequence of our actions. Fourty years ago, as we could see for the first time in its entirety, beauty and fragility the planet we are living on, it became clear to us that we need to consider the global consequences of our actions. We need to build structures that nurture the planet. That’s sustainability. At OPAi, we strongly believe that this sustainability in buildings and organisations stems from a highly interactive, creative dialogue of an inter-disciplinary team. That’s how you get to the integral, co-operative approach we need. To be able to facilitate and manage such processes, we have established a new platform: ‘the oneplanetarchitecture institute’.”

Douwe Jan Joustra, managing partner

Douwe Jan Joustra is managing sustainable development processes in the fields of urban development, construction and housing. Working from a systems approach, he advises governments and businesses in policy and strategy development, with a focus on the stimulation of innovation and enhancing quality. Using his process skills, he chairs and facilitates creative and in-depth sessions and coaches professionals in their work and personal development.

As former programme manager of Agency NL, Douwe Jan Joustra was responsible for the execution of the Innovation program Climate Neutral Cities. He is one of the pioneers of Cradle to Cradle development processes in the Netherlands and established the ‘C2C Aanjaagteam’ for the Ministry of the Environment. He chaired the Holland Knowledge Week about Cradle to Cradle  at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai and facilitated conference of the International C2C network project with participants from 10 countries. His focus is at the implementation of Cradle to Cradle in public and private organizations.
In OPAi Douwe Jan Joustra developed a basis for ‘pattern language’, the alphabet of sustainable areadevelopment. Recently he made a basic model for strategic sustainable innovations as a tool to create roadmaps for a sustainable transition in complex situations.